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Dawn of the Crapto

How many time have you seen it? A new tech come out, a fancy network that's supposed to be private. And then, you see it. Again.

A fucking crypto-currency or a mining system.

And pretty much like every single one of your competitors, I won't spent hours to download and compile your program, then redowload a massive list for your blockchain that will cripple my network AND my laptop at the same time, and then turn one of my computer in a heater for my feet as they spit their guts to produce the needed fictional coins in the clouds so I can use your crap.

Spoiler alert: No one has time for that.

Those systems are so full of snoblords and tech-addicts that a single question on the trello because a BBS and IRC are SO HARD to use. Dumbass. is met with contempt and ironic mocking. Yeah bruh, unlike you, I had shit to do instead of jumping from a tech to another without seeing it was the same thing all along, just with a different name. I have better use of my sparse cash in actually eating than buying another GPU.

So, why are these techs so prevalent nowadays in every decentralized soft/net? I have a few ideas.

1 - Fake independance

We have seen , as the bitcoin rose to a value it shouldn't have, people out of the tech industry starting to get their hand on the blockchains. We have seen a fuckton of scammers (Hewwo Bitconnect!), but also every fuckface straight out business school. Kidz saw an opportunity to do trading on something new, taking the upper hand on their future co-"workers" (like trading is a job...). And that's how every fuckwits got into companies preaching about this new way to get cold hard cash. Those companies then got into the market with the ICOs - the "coins" you pre-order for tech launch - and funding smaller companies in the hope it get big enough to be sold and rack the credz.

2 - Lack of culture

What does it take to have an non-centralized internet? Hosting our own servers. If you have your own little server at home, you can have your mail, your website, your game servers, your chat, your forum, your cloud, etc. Everything you can think of can be in your own home without having to use a company program, while still being accessible to non-user.

"But M4tr14rch, how can I host all those things? I'm not as tech savvy as you!", well, that's a good question, darling! You have project like YUNOhost which are made by people really good in IT, for people who suck with comps (and I'm not saying that because I know some of the people who work on it).

A lot of "old" software is still perfectly usable, and usually simpler to use than new softs.What do you have if you have Mumble and IRC running? Discord. But it run on a toaster and doesn't need you to create an account to work. Connect to a serv, enter a nickname, and go to town. Size wise, mumble weight 30Mb (client AND server), and a IRC client gos from a few Kb to 10Mb. Discord is at least 50Mb, take way more once installed and doesn't work properly on older systems (or if the OS isn't windows). But why those two are disappearing?

They require effort and a bit of knowledge. And I understand why it can be repulsive to a lot of people. If I ask someone to "grep a dotfile in the data folder hidden in the su directory", they'll say fuck it. But if I say "Go to this URL, click connect with facebook", it's way simpler.

We should strive for simplicity and accessibility. If you can spend hours configuring your GPU for mining, why aren't you using this energy, this drive, to teach in your community the ways around IT?

Do I hate crypto?
Which one? The one that stop people from snooping in your stuff? Or the one that destructive for the planet and let a bunch of nerds reproduce the worst of capitalism? Because I love the former and HATE the latter.
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have been a bane. I've seen young people ruin themselves in the hope of making a quick buck. People destroying computers part (even puting themselves at risk) to stay on the top of the chain. There's been warehouses burning down in China because they were packed with GPUs mining virtual coins. And even if server farms consume a metric fuckton of energy, guess what? They are made to be efficient. Your own computer is closer to an electric radiator, especially if it's a gaming rig. And blockchains are not running on servers, they're found on individual computers. Not that efficient.

So, after the plug is pulled on this drek that whould have never seen the light of day, what do we do? Maybe check out low-energy tech and start working to consume less?
I think I'll write about that in the future.
Love you darlings.