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Okay, I like books.
Like, I REALLY like books.
In a way where I shouldn't be left alone in a bookshop or a library. Or I'll get out with bags and bags of books.
And the net saved me with the epub files. Now I can bring hundreds of books with me on holiday.
Anyway, here a list of books I like and/or love, and you can pick in it for stuff. Enjoy!

Cory Doctorow "Young Hackers" serie: 3 YA novels (Young Adult)- Little Brother, Homeland, and Pirate Cinema - where the main protagonists fight with tech against government and the sheer suckiness of their lives. It's cool, especially if you're already in IT, and I think you can safely gift it to a friend, a sibling, a cousin or a nephew. Available for free on Cory Doctorow website.

William Gibson collection : The master. The one who created cyberpunk. Neuromancer has set the feel and look of cyberpunk, and wintermute is still living among us.

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson : You may have seen, or read, Ready Player One. Hear me, RPO is just an ugly watered down copy of Snow Crash! You have pizza delivering samurai hacker, philosophical discourse on the origin of religions and langage, criticism of gated communities and capitalism, and punk rock from the eastern block. Do you need more? Yes? Ok. Sword fight on motorbikes at 15,000mph.

Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber : Do you ever feel like your work suck? What you're doing for a living is useless and just exist because your judge on the simple basis of having a jobs? Read this. Graeber analyse the reality of the 21st century job market, where automation make us free, but society keep us back, and force us to take jobs more and more stupid.

Parasite by Mira Grant: The zombie plague won't be a virus. It will be a parasite, and we all take it with a smile on our face. And what happen when you start to lose control of your body to a foreign creature? A great retake of the zombie novel, with a more sensible and actually plausible origin.

The Seitanic Spellbook by the Vegan Black Metal Chef: I love cooking, and (by choice and belief) I'm vegan. Big deal. And whenever I get "Vegan recipe sucks!", I pull out this book. Tasty shit so simple to make that even your grandma who never heard of tofu can make them! And for once, you get a cookbook with a really original style, I mean, a BLACK METAL COOKBOOK!

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig: A father/son roadtrip across the USA on motorbike. Not much of zen, but a ride where you can see the wilderness and the people across the US. You'll want to put on your backpack and go on the road after this one.

The Art of Intrusion by Kevin Mitnick: Real hacker stories. How two inmates made their own IT centre, how a bunch of guy have beaten Las Vegas video-poker machines for millions, and other stories collected by the legendary Kevin Mitnick. All of it is real, but it real like a thriller.

Steal This Computer Book 4.0 by Wallace Wang: The history of hacking, from phreakers to today scammers. A nice introduction to what hacking is, look like, and the mindsets behind it. Spoiler alert: hackers don't care about your credit card, they want to get free phone calls and free pizzas.

White Fang and Call Of The Wild by Jack London: Snow. Forests. Wilderness. Adventure. Jack London, with Hemingway and other, is one of those guy who travelled, was adventurous, and wrote in a way that make you feel the warmth of the fire and look out for a secluded cabin in the woods for a rest.

Explore Everything by Bradley Garrett: A documentary, road trip and introduction to the world of the Urban Exploration (Urbex) and those who live it. Between squats across europes, run in with cops, and discoveries of forgotten parts of cities across the world, you won't look at your city the same way after this book.

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