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|The OSes you need|
Self compiled list of OS you can use instead of Micro$oft Window$ and Ap££e Mac O$

Elementary OS: Simplest one. Look like Mac O$, but the freedom of GNU/Linux and a child can install and use it. Perfect for newbies who want some schway interface.

Linux Mint: My main OS, perfect for gaming and small work. A good all rounder which still allow to delve in the guts for a bit of tweaking.

Void Linux: A nice project, an OS from scratch, that doesn't include the bloat you can have in mainstream distribution. Perfect for aging decks.

Manjaro: Every GNU/Linux user heard of Archlinux. It's great, but the install process is a pain. Manjaro give you the power of Arch, without the pain. Actually used on my own work laptop.

Bunsen Labs: The continuation of Crunch Bang. Small, light, while still allowing gaming and visual work (Video montage, art, etc). Another choice for the lover of minimalism.

Lakka: Do you like retro-gaming? Do you want your own NES/SNES-mini for half the price and way more games? Look no further! Based on the libretro project, thounsand of games and their emulators are waiting for you and your friends!

Parrot OS: One of the numerous IT security oriented distribution. I prefer to reccomend this one instead of Kali, for it is a bit better and more up to date.

BlackArch: Another ITSEC oriented distribution, this time based on Arch. My ITSEC distro of choice. And easy to install on top of an existing archlinux or manjaro system.

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