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This is basically a mirror from the Snerx group Internet Trench Warfare. I just copied the most important part here so it doesn't disappear if they get taken down.


          =========================[  Internet Trench Warfare  ]==========================

          Despite the intrusion of massive surveillance programs like PRISM and DCSNet as 
          well as the potential threat of weak to mid-tier encryption equating to no 
          encryption because of things like Bullrun, it's still the case that you may find 
          personal privacy on the internet a priority, or further that since the state is 
          allowed to see everyone's personal information, that everyone else should be 
          allowed to see the same information, meaning offensive measures as well as 
          defensive measures are necessary. Well this is a good starting point for your 
          future of being put on a government watch list because below are a bunch of 
          various tools for "educational" implimentations of fuckery. 

          For more information on internet rights, visit the EFF.
          Good to know about DNSSEC root key split and about secret sharing in general.
          Demystify hacking, show how it is easy and banal; same with cryptography.
          Norse's live feed is linked here for the full view.
          Some basics - router security, ports to block, and Windows security.

                  :: Defense ::

          Be NSA, become a ghost in the wires by using Tails/TENS or Qubes with AEM.
          Be secure, use chkrootkit and an IDS like Snort/Samhain.
          Be anonymous, use Tor/I2P, SMAC, and don't use a VPN unless it's Cryptostorm.
          Be paranoid, get a self-destructing desktop like ORWL (if you're rich lol).
          Be unbruted, use a strong random password generator, all done client-side.
          Be average, remove browser fingerprint(s) with Panopticlick and debloat firefox.
          Be obfuscated, encrypt with VeraCrypt and use stego like OpenPuff/f5stego.
          Be independant, use Bitcoin/Zcash and our guide.
          Be untrackable, use Blackphone/Librem and Silent Pocket/MOSequipment.
          Be hardened steel, use Abloy locks for physical security.

                  :: Offense ::

          Be FBI, do background checks with TPS/datasploit and their photos/IP/phone.
          Be a vigilante, use a Stingray device or learn to war drive/Skyjack.
          Be a pen tester with Nmap/Nikto/Wireshark/Metasploit and Hydra/Medusa.
          Be a skiddie, use Dangerous Kitten's hack pack, or web dox tools.
          Be multipresent, use a RAT like DarkComet (and the Removal Tool) or Sub7.
          Be a Shadow Broker, use the leaked Equation group exploits.
          Be Bosnian Bill, learn how to pick all kinds of lock(s).
          Be a dick, kill laptops at will by simply pluging in the USB Killer.
          Be PMC, get a millitary-grade briefcase EMP bomb.

                  :: Misc ::

          Be a programmer, motherfucker, or at least learn shell scripting.
          Be lazy, use pentesting cheatsheet(s).
          Be faceless, share website logins with BugMeNot/Login2/fakeaccount.
          Be a cracker, GUID Generator for serial numbers or software.
          Be e-rich, with valid credit card numbers and a new identity or phone #.
          Be an operator, learn scripting and hacking with wargames.

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